Effective January 1, 2020, employers should be using the revised Form W-4 in the new hire process.  Click here to access the form from the IRS website. Employers may ask current employees to complete a new Form W-4 but the employer must advise the current employees that they are not required to furnish a new Form W-4 and that if the current employee does not furnish a new Form W-4, withholding will continue based on a valid form previously provided.

The IRS has published a list of frequently asked questions to assist employers in incorporating the new Form W-4 into the employment process.

South Carolina also has issued its own W-4 (and new tables). The South Carolina Department of Revenue explained that it issued the new SC Form W-4 because the 2020 federal W-4 removed allowances.  The SC W-4 includes allowances and matches the state’s latest withholding tax tables.  Click here to view the SCDOR press release which contains links to the new form, tables and other pertinent information.

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