We’ve rounded up the most popular employment law questions we’ve answered on our blog throughout 2023. The end of the year is a great time to review your workplace policies and proactively plan for the start of the new year. Review these free resources below and ensure your workplace is prepared for the year ahead.

Is our workplace in compliance with out-of-state remote employee regulations?
With many employers continuing to implement remote and hybrid work policies, it is crucial to consider various business, tax, and employment law regimes that may differ in each state. Before hiring out-of-state remote workers, consider several factors, such as how remote work would impact productivity and organizational efficiency, security and privacy concerns, and overall employee satisfaction. To help employers ensure they are compliant, we put together an out-of-state employee compliance checklist.

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What do employers need to know about the PWFA?
Navigating the laws related to pregnant and postpartum employees can be challenging, but a proactive approach to understanding and complying with federal and state laws helps provide for more inclusive and supportive workplaces for everyone. Employers need to understand the requirements of these laws to ensure they provide the necessary accommodations and support for pregnant and postpartum workers, which we outline in our blog post and webinar.

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Is our employee handbook up-to-date?
While not legally required, having an employee handbook is in every company’s best interest. It serves as a tool to communicate policies, procedures, and company values, providing protection for employers when they are consistently followed. So, what policies should you include? Do you need an at-will disclaimer? How often should your employee handbook be updated? We delve into key components of an employee handbook and best practices and explore recent employment law updates in the resources below.

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What are the best practices for conducting workplace investigations?
There are multiple steps to take when conducting workplace investigations. From starting with a strategy and gathering relevant documents to interviewing witnesses and the accused and reaching a conclusion, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the process. We prepared a workplace investigations checklist to help employers conduct more effective and efficient workplace investigations. The checklist provides a structured approach for employers to conduct thorough workplace investigations. Additionally, the checklist offers best practices for avoiding future problems.

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Thank you all for another wonderful year. We wish you and your families a safe and happy new year!

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